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Trello is a collaborative tool that can be used between members of a team or by a manager to keep track of work, tasks, follow ups or create agendas, track meeting To-Dos etc. The benefits of Trello is that is also allows the user to add emails to the various Trello Boards, set calendar reminders, link media, add members and it works on every device so it goes where you go. You will need to install it on all of your devices as an app or just login from any internet connection. Explore all the uses to help track your issues, create checklists or agendas etc.

Step-by-step guide

Go to and register with your government email and a uncommon password, go to the Google Play or Apple store to download the app to your phone or tablet. Take the Trello Tour is see all of the great things it can do you

  1. Once you have registered you can view the Welcome Board to learn about tips and tricks with boards, teams and sharing.

  2. Go to Office 365 and add Trello as an add-on app so you can quickly add emails to existing boards that are tracking or have related information.

  3. If you are a Chrome user you can Trello extension for Chrome so you can add things from the internet, Google Docs Tableau or GIS or other web based connections.    
  4. Trello Board overview
  5. Trello Groups
  6. Trello Card View
  7. Trello Card making attachments
  8. Trello Cards moving them  
  9. Trello Card Check list


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