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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is this site?

Our d. wiki is built from Atlassian™ Conluence which is a software platform for team collaboration. In other words, it's a wiki — used by more than half of the Fortune 100 companies — to empower District personnel to create content for co-workers that need it to get their jobs done. It's one place for many teams to share, collaborate, and get better results.
The objective is to connect our entire business enterprise in one place, online, to collaborate and capture knowledge – create, share, and discuss our documents, ideas, minutes, and projects.

How do I get access to the d. Wiki?

All DDOT employees should have access to view the d.Wiki. If you'd like to edit and create new pages, you must have an account for the Wiki.  Request access by using this IT Service Request.

Can I edit pages?

Yes!  Although some pages may be restricted (by their creators or admins), any page you create can be edited.  Make sure you log in to the wiki using your DDOT username and password.  

Can I prevent other people from viewing or editing my pages?

Yes!  DDOT IT staff have created an article that shows you exactly how to do this.  

Some people have access to certain pages, but I don't.  Is there something wrong?

No, nothing is wrong. Confluence has a very fine-tuned set of permissions that allow viewing and/or editing based on those permissions. Depending on the permissions you have, you will have access to edit or view certain pages and not others. Most users will have the ability to view all the spaces aside from private team spaces, but editing privileges are limited. If you suddenly do not have the access to a space/page that you previously did, contact the space administrator for further information. 

What is a 'Space'?

A 'space' is a collection of related pages and content, and is not the same as a page. Pages are organized within spaces, and there's also the capability to have subpages. So Space-->Page–>Subpage. 

How do I create a page?

There are two ways to create a page. 

  1. To create a blank page, go to any page and click the "Create" button at the top.  (red circle, below)
  2. The Wiki also has pre-formatted pages (called templates) that definitely save you some time - especially if you are taking Meeting Notes or making a How-to Article.  Click the ellipse to the right of the Create button  (black circle, below)

How do I create really nice pages?

The three ingredients to a great page are:

  1. Use a variety of the Editing tools
  2. Drop in a few Macros
  3. Change the Layout 

How do I reorder pages in a space?


Click on any given page in a space and then go down to the left hand side of the screen and click on "space tools" and choose "content tools" where there is a tab you can click on which gives the option to reorder pages. 

How do I move a page to another space?

Near the top, click the ellipses on the right hand side of the page you want to move. It looks like this:   A drop down menu will appear, and you should click "move." A dialog box will appear and prompt you to change the space and parent page of the page you are trying to move. Once you do that hit "move" and the page should be moved to the new space! 

What are Page Templates and how do I use them?

Page templates are the different types of pages you can create, including but not limited to, how-to articles, meeting notes, task reports, file lists, as well as blank pages you organize and fill in. To use them just hit the ellipses next to "create" and it will give you the template options to choose from. 

How do I restrict access to my page or space?

The d. Wiki has great tools for providing or restricting access for individual pages (and sub-pages) as well as for spaces.  If you need help getting started, please feel free to contact one of our wiki admins for assistance (James Graham or George Lejano).

If you would like to provide access to all DDOT users, but not public users, see this specific how-to article (requires login).

Is there an established style and format that we need to adhere to?

Yes. Please see our Style Guide.

Style Guide

Please visit our Style Guide for questions about standard formatting, style, and grammar. Please use this as a reference so that the DDOT wiki has a consistent style and looks like a singular product.

Video Tutorials

Please visit our Video Tutorials page to vew several helpful instructional videos that will help you get started creating your own DDOT wiki pages.

Request Access

New user and want to start creating awesome content in the d. Wiki?  Please send a request to George Lejano

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