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Intersections were coded using an ArcGIS online application. All DC Intersections were coded using data from Streetsmart by Cyclomedia 2017.

Step-by-step guide

  1. While in editing mode, select an intersection to code.
  2. Use the intersection type drop-down to select the intersection type.
  3. Identify if there are multiple vertices at a given point.
  4. If multiple vertices are present, use the arrows to toggle through and select the intersection type for all vertices.
  5. Close editor window to save.

Data Dictionary

Intersection TypeDefinition
At GradeA leveled intersection.
Not At GradeAn unleveled intersection.

Not an Intersection.

Example:Through lanes


An intersection with NO signal, stop, or yield.


  • An intersection with no stop signs/ signals.
  • Traffic circle entrances with no stop signs/signals
  • A “T” intersection with a one way, no stop signs or signals
  • On ramp/off ramps without a yield sign or signal
Yield SignYield Sign is present and is the only form of control at this intersection.
Two-way Stop


  • “T” intersections with one (or two) stop signs
  • 4 way intersections with only 2 stop signs

All-way Stop


  • Three-way stops (Including “T” intersections) with 3 stop signs
  • Four (or more) way stop intersections with stop signs for each approach
  • Two one-way streets intersecting with Stop Signs

Signalized, Ped Signal
  • Signalized Intersection with pedestrian crossing signals
  • Pedestrian Crosswalk with HAWK/pedestrian hybrid beacon or Half Signal (a traffic signal with no cross street)
Signalized, No Ped Signal

Signalized Intersections with no Ped Crossing signals.

  • Crosswalk intersection with no ped light
RR crossing, SignalizedRailroad Crossings with a Lighted Signal
RR crossing, Signs OnlyRailroad Crossings with a Stop Sign or Warning Sign