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Performance Management Division is responsible for developing, tracking, and reporting the Department’s performance metrics in a timely manner to ensure the agency is meeting its strategic goals. The Performance Division also works to improve business processes and analysis of the work order management system, permitting system, and other work processing databases. 

In this space, you can access information and documents on TranStat program, DDOT's performance plan and report, Tableau tool and User Group (TUG), Transportation Performance Management (TPM), and other performance management projects.

Currently, The Performance Team includes the Chief Performance Officer John P. Thomas, Performance Manager Ting Ma , and Performance Analysts Kanika SinghIan Maggard,@


TranStat is DDOT's roundtable-format manager meetings on operation performance. This biweekly program focuses on performance reporting and process improvements using a data-driven approach. At TranStat, a diverse group of managers and program experts convene to review data analysis, troubleshoot issues, and plan for new or restructured programs. Click section title to read more.

Tableau User Group

DDOT Tableau User Group (TUG) is dedicated to providing a forum for current Tableau users and prospective users within DDOT to share best practices and expand their knowledge of Tableau products. DDOT employees with a Tableau Desktop license or Tableau server log-in account are automatically members of TUG. Employees without Tableau experience but interested in learning and using the tool can also join the TUG. Click section title to read more.

Performance Plan & Report

Performance planning is the foundation for how DC government agencies operate and evaluate performance. At the beginning of each fiscal year, DDOT is required to develop a performance plan and submit to the Office of the City Administrator (OCA). The performance plan includes DDOT's strategic goals and objectives, lists Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and describes new initiatives that improve the quality of their services. Each quarter, DDOT reports to OCA about KPIs and Initiative updates to gauge the progress against goals. At the end of the fiscal year, DDOT develops and submits a Performance Accountability Report to summarize accomplishments and report on whether or not we meet the targets set forth in our performance plan for that year. DDOT's historic Performance Plans and Accountability Reports can be accessed from here.

Performance Division is responsible for collecting performance data across the agency and developing performance plan and reports, and subject-matter divisions are responsible for providing performance data and update initiative progress, as well as assisting development performance plans and reports. Sharepoint is the portal for quarterly and annual data input. At the beginning of each quarter, Performance Division sends out emails to notify and remind data input for the previous quarter. 

Data Inventory

DDOT has many different data streams from many different sources. This is a listing all of the sources, their components, their owners, access methods and possible uses.


The Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21), signed into law in 2012, included several provisions that collectively are transforming the Federal surface transportation program to be focused on the achievement of performance outcomes. The Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, signed in 2015, built on the MAP-21 changes and provided long-term funding certainty for surface transportation infrastructure planning and investment. Both Acts require State DOTs and MPOs to adopt Transportation Performance Management (TPM) as a strategic approach that uses system information to make investment and policy decisions to achieve national performance goals. Click section title to read more.

Mission and Goals


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