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TitleClick Here to Submit Your Travel/Training Request

All  employees  are  responsible  for  submitting  and  tracking  their  requests  for official  travel  and/or  training.   A  Travel/Training  Request form must  be submitted 30 business days before the date  of  departure. If  this  30-day  requirement  is  not  met,  the travel/training  request  will  not  be  accepted. 

Employees must also submit all backup documentation supporting the travel request, i.e., conference  brochure,  internet  screen  print,  completed  registration  form  with  cost,  receipt confirming  payment  of  conference/registration  fees  and  hotel  accommodations,  waivers (rental car of per diem); and FHWA approval if necessary. A continued service agreement is required for all training/travel over $2500 and all academic programs.

All training and travel request must follow the approval hierarchy below.  An initial review of the request will be conducted by the administrations’ training liaison to ensure that your package is complete and align with DDOT’s Training Policy.  The immediate supervisor and the Associate Director are responsible for ensuring that training is aligned with Individual Development Plan (IDP), administrations’ goals, and DDOT’s core competencies.  The Chief Officer of each administration will provide final approval on behalf of the administration. The Chief Learning Officer ensures that request complies with FHWA (Federal Highway Administration) standards before providing a final approval.  


Click "How to Guide" to see how to submit a Training/Travel Request

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