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If you need to use one of the DDOT conference rooms, you must reserve one via your DCGov Office 365/Outlook account.  

Using a Different Version of Outlook?


  1. Login to Office 365 in your favorite Web browser:
  2. Click on the Calendar icon to the bottom left of the browser window.  
  3. Create a new meeting invitation with the relevant meeting information (dates, title, attendees, etc).  
  4. Click into the box that says 'Add a location or a room'.  Once clicked, a drop down menu appears prompting you to 'Add Room'.  Click the Add Room button. 
  5. After the Add Room button is clicked, the system begins a search for all available rooms at DDOT for the day and time that you specified in your meeting invitation.  Note:  by default, it will only show available rooms.
  6. Click on one of the available rooms.  The room should now appear in two locations:  The Room info box that you clicked in and also the Attendees section to the right:
  7. Send the invitation.  In a few moments, the room (in our example above, room 317) will accept the invitation for the room booking.  You should receive an email notification that looks like this:
  8. If the room is not available at this time, the room will decline the invitation and you must select a different day/time or a new room for your meeting.

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