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Using a Different Version of Outlook?

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook on your PC.
  2. Click on Calendar and click on New Appointment.
  3. Set the preferred Start/End date and time for your meeting.
  4. Make sure 'Room Finder' is clicked (button is 'pressed').  See image below.
  5. View Available DDOT Conference Rooms. Look on the right hand side of the new pop-up window. Under the “Room Finder” section, select “DDOT Rooms” using the “Choose an available room” drop down menu.

  6. Use Scheduling Assistant Feature to View Available Conference Rooms. Once you’ve selected “DDOT Rooms” you can see all available rooms during your new meeting / appointments time period through the “Scheduling Assistant” feature.

  7. Select the Conference Room. Check the box to the left of the conference room that you would like to reserve.

  8. Revisit the Appointment Section to Finalize Conference Room Reservation. Select the "Appointment" icon, enter the attendees who you want to invite in the "To" section and click "Send." This will automatically reserve your room for the time period of your meeting / appointment. 

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