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Use your desktop version of Outlook (pre-2016) to create a conference room reservation.

Using a Different Version of Outlook?

Step-by-step guide:  Using Outlook Mail 2010, 2013, 2015 on a PC


  1. Open Microsoft Outlook on your PC.
  2. Click on Calendar and click on New Appointment.
  3. If there is no place to put Invitees (no 'To:' box), make sure you click on Add Invitees:
  4. Then, ensure that the 'Room Finder' button is clicked.  This will allow you to see what rooms are available within DDOT in a Room Finder panel to the right:
  5. Add the Date, Start Time and End Time.  
  6. In the Room Finder panel, click on the Show a room list drop down.  Select 'DDOT Rooms'.  The system begins a search for all available rooms at DDOT for the day and time that you specified in your meeting invitation.  Note:  by default, it will only show available rooms.
  7. Select a meeting room by clicking on an available room in the box.  The meeting room is automatically added to the Attendees box at the top as well as the Location box.
  8. Send the invitation.  In a few moments, the room (in our example above, room 317) will accept the invitation for the room booking.  You should receive an email notification that looks like this:
  9. If the room is not available at this time, the room will decline the invitation and you must select a different day/time or a new room for your meeting.