What is happening?

In an effort to improve the way conference rooms are reserved at DDOT, meeting rooms will soon be reserved within Microsoft Outlook 365 when creating a meeting invitation.  Starting , the SharePoint Conference Room Reservation system will no longer accept reservations.

Important Dates

Announce migration12/15/2017
Last day to add reservations to existing system12/29/2017 (stopping at 12pm)
Outlook room reservations only1/1/2017

Why is this change being made?

The current system required that DDOT users reserve a conference room in SharePoint, then create a separate meeting invitation in Microsoft Outlook.  The problem is that the meeting (in Outlook) and the conference room reservation (in SharePoint) are in completely separate systems.  This would often lead to problems when meeting date/times need to be changed:  you currently have to change the invitation and also remember to change the room.

What are the benefits?

  1. Two in one:  Staff will be able to do two things in one:  create a meeting invitation and include an available room in the outlook invitation.  
  2. No more clicking around:  You will be able to see all available meeting rooms instantly - no more clicking around each floor to see what rooms are available.
  3. Moving target? Not a problem:   If you need to change your meeting date or time, your meeting room is updated along with the meeting invitation.  (Note:  remember to check that the room's availability for the changed date)

What about existing reservations in the SharepPoint Conference Room Reservation System?

If you have an existing SharePoint conference room reservation, you will need to migrate that reservation to Outlook.  Good news:  it's easy to do.  Follow the link below to see how to add a conference room to your existing Outlook reservation.  If you are having issues, just reach out to OITI - always glad to help.

Sounds good.  Anything else?

Yes, actually.  Here are some important restrictions you should be aware of:

  • Recurring meetings longer than 6 months are not allowed.
  • The maximum time conference rooms can be reserved continuously for is 24hrs.  For example, if you have a meeting lasting 3 days, the system will not allow it.  As a workaround for this example, you would need to create a recurring meeting invitation that starts on day 1 and recurs each day until day 3.     

How do I get started?

A guidance wiki page is already available and you can have a look.  The page contains directions on how to make reservations in either Microsoft Outlook or Outlook 365 Webmail.