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The purpose of the Training Liaison role is to be the key contact between training participants in our agency and the DDOT Training Office. The training liaison are listed below.

AdministrationsDivisionsTraining Liaisons
CAOAdministrative Services Division (ASD)

London Holliway • London.Holliway@dc.gov

CPOCustomer Service Clearinghouse Division (CSCD)London Holliway London.Holliway@dc.gov
CPOCommunity Engagement Division (CED)Cheryl Ball • Cheryl.Ball@dc.gov


Davis Bacon Division (DBC)Tarita Spencer • Tarita.Spencer@dc.gov
COSEconomic Division (ED)Tarita Spencer • Tarita.Spencer@dc.gov


Equity and Inclusion Division (EID)Tarita Spencer • Tarita.Spencer@dc.gov
ODGeneral Council Office (GC)MaeLena Cephas • Maelena.Cephas@dc.gov
CPDOInfrastructure Project Management Division (IMPD)Jessica Bembry • Jessica.Bembry@dc.gov
COOMaintenance DivisionMelony Pree • Melony.Pree@dc.gov
CAOOffice of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO)Nicole Piper • Nicole.Piper@dc.gov
CAOOffice of Contracting and Procurement (OCP)Tarita Spencer • Tarita.Spencer@dc.gov
CPOOffice of Information Technology and Innovations (OITI)Cheryl Ball • Cheryl.Ball@dc.gov
CAOResource Allocation Division (RAD)Tarita Spencer • Tarita.Spencer@dc.gov
COOParking and Ground Transportation Division (PGTD)Melony Pree • Melony.Pree@dc.gov
COSPublic Information Division (PID)Tarita Spencer • Tarita.Spencer@dc.gov
COSPolicy & Legislative Affairs (PLA)Tarita Spencer • Tarita.Spencer@dc.gov
CPDOPlanning and Sustainability Division (PSD)DeLois Fields • DeLois.fields@dc.gov
COOPublic Space Regulations Division (PSRD)Malinda Anderson • Malinda.Anderson@dc.gov
CPOPerformance Team (PT)London Holliway • London.Holliway@dc.gov
CPOSupport Services (SS)London Holliway • London.Holliway@dc.gov
COSSafety and Security Division ( SSD)Tarita Spencer • Tarita.Spencer@dc.gov
CPDOTransit Delivery Division (TDD)Deborah Monts • Deborah.Monts@dc.gov
CPDOTraffic Engineering and Signals Division (TESD)Melony Pree • Melony.Pree@dc.gov
COOTraffic Operation and Safety Division (TOSD)Melony Pree • Melony.Pree@dc.gov
CCOUrban Forestry Division (UFD)Tammie Jones • Tammie.Jones@dc.gov