This Compendium page contains all DDOT standards, including the Standard Specifications for Highways and Structures, Standard Drawings, Design and Engineering Manual, Environmental Standards, and more. 

The District of Columbia Department of Transportation (DDOT) Standard Specifications for Highways and Structures are standard for all DDOT contracts awarded by the Mayor of the District of Columbia, the Council of the District of Columbia, and/or the Contracting Officer. The Standard Specifications shall also be used for all the construction activities and material control within the Public Space of the District of Columbia.

Standards and Specifications for Highways and Structures

2013 Standards and Specifications for Highways and Structures (Gold Book)

Revisions and Memos

2020 Specification Revisions

2020 Errata

2020 Revisions Signed Memo

Previous Versions 

2009 Specifications

2007 Supplemental Specifications

Policy and Process Manual

Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)

Green Infrastructure Standards

Sidewalk Installation Policy

Design and Engineering Manual 

2019 DEM 

Revisions and Memos

DEM Approval Memo

Previous Versions

2017 DEM

2009 DEM

Environmental Standards 

Environmental Manual

Environmental Management System

Right of Way Manuals

2019 Right-of-Way Policies and Procedures Manual

Transportation Asset Management Plan & Public Realm Design Manual


Streetcar Standard Drawings & 2019 Design Criteria 


CAD Manual 

Construction/Work Zone/Pedestrian/Utility Manuals 

Construction Management Manual / Work Zone Utility Typicals

Construction Manual 2021 and 2010

Work Zone Utility Typicals / Utility Policies and Procedures 


Pedestrian Safety and Work Zone Standards / D.C. Temporary Traffic Control Manual / Work Zone Safety and Mobility Policy 


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