Occasionally, you may encounter issues while trying to reserve a room.  Below are some common problems and corresponding explanations.

Are there instructions on how to make a conference room reservation?

Yes!  We have three great "How-to" articles that show you how to reserve a conference room using Outlook.  Check them out on the wiki:

Are there certain rooms that are 'restricted'?

Yes.  Rooms 439A/B, 439C, 744, 748 are 'special purpose' rooms and are to be used primarily for those special purposes (e.g., training, etc).  If you do attempt to reserve one of these conference rooms, a 'Tentative' email response will be sent to you; this means that your room request is under review.  Once the supervising staff have reviewed your conference room reservation request, they will respond within 1 business day.

Below is a listing of the current special purpose rooms and who is responsible for managing them.

Please do not contact the below staff to reserve a room for you. They will only review existing conference room reservations.

You must create a conference room reservation in Outlook first (see FAQ instructions above)

RoomSpecial PurposeApproving Staff

439 A/B

439 C

Large Training Room
744Director's Conference Room
748Executive Conference Room

When trying to reserve conference rooms 439A/B, 439C, 744, 748 or 753 why is the meeting 'Tentatively' accepted?

These are special purpose rooms and require staff to review your conference room request prior to accepting.  While the room may show as 'Available', the Approving Staff for that special purpose room must approve the conference room request.  See the FAQ item above for more details about what the special purpose rooms are and who is responsible for approving the reservation requests for them.

Room Finder button is not visible

If you can't see the 'Room Finder' panel, it is usually because there is not a 'To' box to add in individual attendees.  To show the room finder, click on 'Invite Attendees' button.  This should reveal the Room Finder button which, once clicked, displays the Room Finder panel.

If you are still having trouble, please reach out for assistance via our IT Helpdesk System

Room Finder button is disabled/not clickable

If the 'Room Finder' button is not clickable, there are usually two possibilities:

  1. Click 'Invite Attendees'.  If you are creating a new appointment, make sure to click on the 'Invite Attendees' button.  
  2. Editing a Calendar Series (recurring event).  If you have created a recurring appointment and are editing the series.  When updating the series, the room cannot be edited.  If you need to change the room, you must first remove the room (delete from the list of attendees) and save the invitation.  After the invitation has been saved, reopen the series and you should now be able to add a new room to your recurring invitation.

If you are still having trouble, please reach out for assistance via our IT Helpdesk System

There are two 'DDOT Rooms' in the room list drop down.  Which do I choose?

The first one.  (Sorry, we've asked for this to be fixed)

How can I see a conference room's calendar?

Check out the wiki article here: How to View a Conference Room Calendar (Outlook Desktop)

Can I reserve conference rooms more than 180 days (6 months)?

Currently, the Outlook 365 system limits users from reserving conference rooms beyond 6 months.  The purpose of this is to prevent users from blocking out the use of rooms for indefinite periods of time.  If you have a recurring, permanent meeting (such as a weekly/monthly staff meeting) you are only allowed to reserve the room for this meeting up to 6 months in advance.

I'm having a completely different issue.  How do I get help?

Fill out an IT Service Request and we'll look into the problem.


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