DDOT shall provide and manage bicycle parking in public space, encourage bicycle parking in private space, and set design standards for bicycle parking facilities.  All bike parking has been declared free for all DC residents.

Procedures & Services

Bicycle Parking Guidelines

Abandoned Bicycles

Residents may request the investigation and removal of abandoned bikes by calling the Mayor's Citywide Calling Center at 311, or submitting a request through 311 Online. Any bicycle left unused in public space for more than thirty (30) days shall be considered abandoned. DDOT may remove an abandoned bicycle after placing a notice on the bicycle (red and white stickers) for a period of at least ten (10) days. (DCMR 18-1210.01).

Installation of Bicycle Racks on Public Space

Residents may request bicycle parking services, by calling the Mayor's Citywide Calling Center at 311, or submitting a request through 311 Online. Anyone who wishes to construct and install a bicycle rack in public space must obtain a public space permit from DDOT. All public space permits are processed through DDOT's Transportation Online Permitting System (TOPS). The placement and design of a bicycle rack must meet the standards established by the Bicycle Facility Design Guide.

Bicycle Parking in Residential Buildings

All residential buildings with eight (8) or more units must provide sheltered and secure bicycle parking as specified by DCMR 18-1214. The DDOT Bicycle Program office may be contacted by:

  • Building residents needing assistance in obtaining bicycle parking at their building; and
  • Building owners or representatives wishing to obtain approval for a bicycle parking facility that differs from the minimum requirements or obtain a waiver when providing the required bicycle parking is impossible.

More information regarding bicycle parking in residential building design can be reviewed in the District's Zoning Handbook.

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